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Name: Gailintence 1960
Date: 08/08/2015
Message: To just allowing yourself to CodyKerr deeper into yourself peter into your own mind deeper into relax action and it feels good to allow yourself Togo deeper into sleep too allowing yourself to rest atop on these improve now.

Name: sups sised
Date: 08/08/2015
Message: compound you know you know you're at per bird added now pro now know about like all capital I patiently when to capitalize like a place work stuff like that you more 3 beer for like 4 questions baleen .

Name: Ivy John
Date: 08/08/2015
Message: Fort Knox and so Afghanistan her receiving command didn't know that and so they were we should've known but the problem is if you send .

Name: Samuel Ellis
Date: 08/07/2015
Message: Seen your nope why we've caught a couple times walking on action which you walk don't perfectly normal yesterday she walked out and now I had a drink of water was snow you know it doesn't this doesn't make any sense former to no I'm just happy get my head around this because you yesterday I actually saw our else are get out and have a drink of water Swank across the no image wasn't didn't.

Name: bajaza baker
Date: 08/05/2015
Message: We're talking today about Avery important subject interesting subject and that is our minds and the brain why are our brain so important it seems like an obvious question but why are they important well time it's a is a loaded question a lot of people think that brain the only thing a brain is for is to get good grades in school or to be the smartest guy to make the smarts cracking you know in a in a party but.

Name: elika rek
Date: 07/31/2015
Message: holler or our offer that agreement ship now numbers she was there because that means now for this the sounds is your body every year holes is on any this angle when the dollar be any actual vessel were here so we were going to get it together frequency sheer to get away warmer are I have sends outin. the bottom one real ally do I had to

Name: Dominique Branton
Date: 07/29/2015
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Name: Donna Faulkner
Date: 03/30/2015
Message: yes I will be there.

Name: Dr.Rev.Tanisha White
Date: 09/10/2014
Message: Remember to smile because GOD LOVES you and so do I.

Name: John Miscue
Date: 02/14/2014
Message: Very good website. I love your ministry